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Ovarian cancer continues to be the leading cause of death amongst Gynaecological malignancy and sadly vast proportion of cases continues to be detected in the advanced stages. Screening therefore has the potential to detect this disease in early stages and hence reduce early death. There is still no clinical data on the most effective form of screening, however ultrasound scan and tumour markers (CA 125 and HE4) greatly increase the sensitivity of the screening test.  CA 125 is a known tumour marker but is not highly sensitive and is raised in a number of benign or non malignant conditions ( like endometriosis, adnomyosis, fibroids, liver disease, medical conditions). HE4 is a new promising marker which is expressed by ovarian cancer cells. Using combination of Ultrasound scan, CA125 and HE4 increases the detection rate of early ovarian cancer.  This screening is performed by Miss Poonam Pradhan who will offer you a full consultation, scan and blood tests. She will be able to discuss all the results with you and plan further care.



Personal Medical Report
Lifestyle Assessment
Physical Exam
Height, Weight, Urine & BMI
Blood Analysis
Full Blood Count, ESR, Biochemistry Profile, Cholesterol HDL/LDL, HE4 (CA125 / ROMA)
Advice on Self-Breast Exam

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Ovarian Cancer Check-Up Health Screen £350