Health Screen - Well Woman Check-Up (Under 45)

Health screens give you peace of mind

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Well Women Check Up (Under 45) £350

Health Screens

This Health Screen is performed by a Private GP and lasts around 60 minutes.

The GP will take your medical history and assess your lifestyle and will examine you.

Your height and weight and BMI will be measured and your urine will be tested.

Your blood pressure and pulse is measured. 

The electrical activity and rhythm of the heart are captured by an electrocardiogram (ECG)

It also includes a blood test - please see below for the full details within this health screen.


Personal Medical Report
Lifestyle Assessment
Physical Exam
Height, Weight, Urine & BMI
Electrocardiogram (ECG)
Blood Analysis
Full Blood Count, ESR, Biochemistry Profile, Cholesterol HDL/LDL, Thyroid profile, Diabetes test – HBA1c
Urine Analysis
Diabetes Risk
Anaemia Risk
Thyroid Risk
Liver disease Risk
Kidney disease Risk
Cholesterol Risk
Advice on Self-Breast Exam

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Your health screen will be carried out with one of our highly trained GP’s

  • Your health screen appointment will be booked for 40 minutes.

  • You will have a full detailed consultation with the GP. They will take your medical history and perform a physical examination (fully clothed). Your height, weight and BMI will be calculated. Your blood pressure will be taken, and a sample of urine will be checked with a dipstick test. A blood sample will be taken for the chosen tests (applicable to the health screen).

  • All samples are couriered daily to The Doctors Laboratory in London. The Doctors Laboratory (TDL) is the largest UK independent provider of highly specialised pathology/clinical laboratory services to clinicians (Ps and specialists), hospitals, community health services, and their patients.

  • Once we receive your results back from the laboratory (usually the following day), a Healthcare Assistant will call you and inform you of your results. If any of your results are out of the normal range, an appointment will be made for the GP to speak to you remotely (free of charge). A copy of your results will also be emailed to you along with your health screen report.

  • No, the NHS does not routinely offer this range of health check testing.