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Ultrasound Scan of Soft Tissue, Lumps and Bumps

Affordable ultrasound for rapid diagnosis

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Ultrasound Scan – Soft Tissue, Lumps, Bumps – excluding head, neck, and breast £210

Ultrasound Scan of Soft Tissue, Lumps and Bumps at MUMS Clinic

At MUMS we offer ultrasound scans of the soft tissues. MUMS Radiographer, Mr Adrian Burman offers this service.

This diagnostic service is safe, non-invasive, and reliable. The procedure takes around 30 minutes. Using ultrasound to assess a soft issue area helps clinicians identify conditions before they become serious or unmanageable. 

Ultrasound is certainly the favoured first line test in most cases. It is important to note that ultrasound alone is not diagnostic in the sense that it cannot differentiate between benign or malignant tissue but is the first line test in categorising the nature of what is being scanned and can help categorise lesions that may require closer monitoring or lesions that raise suspicion of more sinister pathology.

Please note for head/neck/collarbone/shoulder lumps - we recommend that you have a consultation with our Ear, Nose and Throat Consultants or a Head and Neck Surgeon - to enable a clinical expert to decide upon the most appropriate diagnostic. CT / MRI is often considered for head/neck/shoulder/collarbone lumps and a referral from a specialist is necessary. 

If your lump/bump is in or around the breast area then you will need to see our Consultant Breast Surgeon, Mr Seni – for assessment. Mr Seni will decide if MUMS Consultant radiologist should perform breast ultrasound. 

Mr Burman is not a breast radiologist and as such – will not perform breast ultrasound.

The soft tissue ultrasound reveals masses such as cysts, lipomas and tumours related to the skin, fat, nerves, joints, muscle, and tendons using sound waves. Lumps and bumps and odd-looking soft tissue including swellings can be scanned by the radiographer and can identify as to whether they are filled with fluid or more solid looking in nature.

Soft tissue ultrasound cannot reveal as to whether there is a cancer, (as it is not a biopsy). However, our radiographer can identify suspect lesions that may warrant further investigation, close monitoring, or reassurance that the signs currently do not raise suspicion. 

There is no need for a referral – you can self-refer for peace of mind. 

Our chaperone assistants will provide you with modesty drapes for your dignity. Gel is used to glide the transducer and pictures and measurements of the relevant area are taken by the clinician.

You will be given a detailed report that you can give to your referring clinician and a copy will be in your MUMS electronic medical record should you wish to consult with any of MUMS clinicians or Private GPs.

There are no waiting times at MUMS. We offer ultrasound six days a week.

The cost of Soft Tissue Ultrasound is £210.00

You can call us on 0121 704 2669 to book or you can make an enquiry on our website. You can even book and pay online.

MUMS has been offering ultrasound for two decades – offering affordable ultrasound for rapid diagnosis using the most experienced clinicians.

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