20 Week Anomaly Scan (18 – 24 weeks)


This is a detailed scan during which each part of the baby’s body is examined to check development and to exclude structural abnormalities, which can be performed between 18-24 weeks of pregnancy.

Anomaly scans are important because they provide the best opportunity to examine all the anatomy of your baby in great detail.

The Anomaly scan is performed by a fetal medicine specialist/sonographer.

At MUMS we check the development of the following structures:

* Head & Brain, Face, Spine, heart, lungs, bowel, kidneys, bladder

* Arms/hands/fingers, legs/feet/toes

* Fetal Growth

* Amniotic fluid

* Placental position and function

* Umbilical Cord insertion

* Umbilical and cerebral dopplers

If any abnormalities are detected, the significance of the findings will be discussed with you on the day and a referral to your booking hospital/screening team can be arranged for further management within the NHS system.

We can also determine the sex of your baby if you wish to know.


Checking the ventricles of the heart

20 week


What do I need to do in preparation for the scan?

Preparation:  No specific preparation is required.

Handheld hospital notes:  Please bring these with you on the day.

Appointment length:  Your  appointment is booked for 30 minutes, of which you can expect approximately 15-20 minutes of scanning time. If the baby is in a position where is it difficult to obtain images we will send you for a walk and then rescan you.


What’s included in your Anomaly Scan

Pregnancy Report:  A detailed report confirming scan findings and measurements

Photographs:  All scan images printed to take away on the day

USB Memory Stick:  Complete scan & images recorded onto a MUMS Branded USB stick for you to keep.

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