FOB FIT Bowel Cancer Screening Test

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MUMS offer the Faecal Immunological Test known as the FIT TEST. This includes FOB ( Faecal Occult Blood ) in addition to the FIT Test.

We send a sample of your faeces to our partner laboratory to check to see if there is any blood present. You should be investigated if there is a significant amount of blood in your faeces. Positive FIT test results can indicate an ulcer, diverticulitis, IBS, piles but more importantly it could be cancer.

The FIT test is important – especially if you have a family history of bowel cancer or if you have symptoms.

Detecting bowel cancer early is crucial and the FIT test is a screening test that can indicate early bowel cancer as stool blood may be the only indicator present – for early bowel cancers – often referred to as colon or rectal cancer. There is a much greater risk of bowel cancer being curable if it is caught early.

If your result is positive – you can consult with Mr David McArthur, MUMS Colorectal Specialist Consultant here at MUMS. Further investigations will be required to ascertain as to where the blood in the faeces is from.

The NHS offers a free FIT screening test to men and women aged 50-74 but of course those patients not in this age range – will not get invited.

This screening test costs £48.00

You can have this test in a simple health care assistant appointment which costs £25.00, or you may choose to consult with MUMS Private GPs to discuss and provide the test which costs £100.00

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Faecal Occult Blood and Faecal Immunological Test   £48.00

* Performed within a GP consultation (£100) or Phlebotomist Appointment (£25)