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Having an Allergy Test to see if you have a particular insect allergy at MUMS Solihull is easy. We offer simple blood tests but combine a number of different insects together to make a profile to give you a bigger picture of what type of insects you may be allergic to.

You may choose to have this test within a GP Consultation to discuss your history and symptoms.

The Consultation with our experienced GPs is £95.00. The GP will perform the allergy blood test and explain the results to you.

You may choose to have a simple £25.00 Phlebotomy appointment in which to be tested for the Insect Allergy Test.  However – if the results are showing abnormalities then you will need a  GP consultation to have the results explained to you.

For children under 16 years old you will need to book in with our specialist consultant paediatrician for a consultation and allergy testing. The cost of a consultation with the paediatrician is £230.00 plus the cost of the test.

Insect Allergy Test costs £166.00 

The Insect  Allergy Test includes :

  • Common Wasp
  • Yellow Jacket
  • Bee
  • Paper Wasp
  • Yellow Hornet
  • White Faced Hornet

Results are back in 2 days.

If you get stung by a bee, wasp, yellow jacket, hornet, or fire ant, would you know if you had an allergic reaction?

Those are the insect stings that most often trigger allergies. Most people aren’t allergic. By knowing the difference, you can decide if you need to see a doctor.

The severity of symptoms from a sting varies from person to person. But in general:

A normal reaction sets off pain, swelling, and redness around the sting site.

A large local reaction causes swelling that extends beyond the sting site. For example, a person stung on the ankle may have swelling of the entire leg. While it often looks alarming, it's usually no more serious than a normal reaction. Large local reactions peak at about 48 hours and then gradually get better over 5 to 10 days.

The most serious reaction is an allergic one. You'll need to get it treated right away.

A mild allergic reaction may cause one or more of these symptoms at the site of the sting:

  • Pain
  • Redness
  • Pimple-like spots
  • Mild to moderate swelling
  • Warmth

This Insect combination test gives our GPs and you a good idea as to what it is that is causing your allergic symptoms.

Once tested you can avoid being stung – for example:

  • Recognise nests and avoid them.
  • Wear shoes and socks outdoors
  • Wear long sleeved upper garments when in woods and rural areas.
  • Avoid perfumes and bright clothes that attract inspects.
  • Consider using screens on windows and doors at home
  • You may also want to use insect repellents when you’re outside.
  • garbage cans regularly with insecticide, and keep the cans covered.

Our allergy component testing may be a better option for you than our single allergy tests.

We offer allergy testing 6 days a week.


Insect Allergy Test with Consultation £261.00
Insect Allergy Test without Consultation £191.00
Insect Allergy Test with Paediatrician Consultation £396.00