Typhoid Vaccination


Typhoid Vaccine with Consultation £150.00
Typhoid Vaccine with no Consultation £90.00

Typhoid Vaccine 

The cost of the vaccine is £50.00

One Vaccination provides protection.

This Vaccine is recommended to be administered within a £100.00 GP Consultation with comprehensive advice. However, you may wish to have the vaccination only without a consultation which costs £40.00

If you are travelling to a high-risk area such as Asia or South America, India, Pakistan – then Typhoid Vaccination is highly recommended and especially if you are staying for a longer period.

Areas of poor sanitation and hygiene are at risk of Typhoid.

Vaccination against Typhoid ensures your body creates the necessary antibodies, but you must also take additional precautions. For example – bottled water only, avoid un-washed fruit and veg, seafoods and salads.

You should be vaccinated at least one month before your trip.

Side effects of the vaccine are rare but can include headache, nausea, diarrhoea.

Ensure you are protected against typhoid fever which is highly contagious. Typhoid can be lethal.

It should be given at least 2 weeks before travel to allow the vaccine time to work. A booster dose is needed every 2 years for people who remain at risk.

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