HPV Vaccination


HPV Vaccine with Consultation £265.00
HPV Vaccine with no Consultation £220.00

HPV Vaccine

The cost of the Vaccine is £180.00 per dose.

The Vaccine is administered in 3 separate doses.

This Vaccine is recommended to be administered within a £100.00 GP Consultation with comprehensive advice. However, you may wish to have the vaccination only without a consultation which costs £40.00

The total cost per does is £280.00 with consultation or £220.00 without consultation.

Human Papilloma Virus – known as HPV is a group of viruses affecting the genitals, anus and throat. HPV is a sexually transmitted infection.

There are various types of HPV and some of them are known to cause some cancers such as cervical, oral ( head and neck ) and anal cancers.

HPV 16-18 is the greatest risk to cervical cancer.

The NHS used to vaccinate girls only but they now vaccinated boys aged 12 to 13 years.

MUMS recommend that girls and boys aged over 12-18 have the HPV Vaccination to protect against cervical cancer and to protect against those HPV viruses shown to lead to cancers that affect men.

The vaccine can prevent cervical cancer prior exposure to the virus. Because HPV has been linked to mouth and throat cancers ( head and neck )  – having this protection is important for boys too. HPV is also linked to anal warts and so the vaccine can prevent against this too.

MUMS offer the HPV Vaccination that contains 9 HPV types – 6,11,16, 18, 31, 33, 45, 52, 58

The HPV vaccination programme has been extended to prevent more boys and girls getting HPV-related cancers, such as head and neck cancers and anal and genital cancers.

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