Hepatitis B Vaccination


Hepatitis B Vaccine with a GP £90.00
Hepatitis B Vaccine with a Paediatrician  £100.00

Hepatitis B Vaccine

The cost of the Vaccine is £50 per dose.

3 doses are required for adults and children.

The cost of the Hepatitis B Adult Vaccine administered with MUMS Private GP £90.00 per dose.

The cost of the Hep B Child Vaccine with MUMS Paediatrician £100.00 per dose.

To complete the full course takes 6 months. Doses are given one month apart and then 5 months later (so, for example you might have your first does in January, then the next in February, and the last in July).

The Hepatitis B vaccine gives protection.  Hepatitis B can cause serious disease of the liver. It is caused by a virus. Symptoms are not always present.

Certain people are more at risk than others especially people who have multiple sexual partners. Symptoms include fatigue, fever, flu like symptoms, diarrhoea and sometimes jaundice.

Symptoms of hepatitis B include tiredness, fever, appetite loss, nausea, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, and some patients develop yellowing of the eyes and skin

We also offer a blood test to check you have Hepatitis B or have had it in the past.

Hepatitis B Immunity or proof of vaccination is often required by employers as part of their recruitment processes.

Hepatitis B is recommended if you are travelling to areas where the disease is common, and we recommend you have the vaccination one month before you travel. Our GPs will advise you in terms of minimising risk to Hepatitis B.

The hepatitis B vaccine may also be recommended to reduce your risk of infection.

Those at high risk of infection should be vaccinated.

We also offer combined Hepatitis A and B Vaccine.

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