Chickenpox Vaccination


Chickenpox Adult Vaccine Appointment £110.00
Chickenpox Child Vaccine Appointment £120.00

Chickenpox Vaccine for Adults and Children (Varicella)

MUMS offer Chicken Pox Vaccine to children and adults. This vaccine is also referred to as Varicella.

Two doses are required for adults and children.

The Adult Vaccine costs £70.00 per does and can be given in a £40.00 GP Vaccination Appointment. The total cost for one dose is £110.00

The Child Vaccine ( Paediatric ) costs £70.00 and can be given in a £50.00 Paediatric Vaccination Appointment. The total cost for one child dose is £120.00

The two doses are given 4-8 weeks apart.

This vaccine contains varicella and should not be given to pregnant women.

Chickenpox is common. It is a viral infection which is highly contagious. It is caught through coughing and sneezing and close contact with those who have contracted chickenpox.

Symptoms of chicken pox can worsen with age.

Healthcare workers should be protected and those people who work in laboratories.

The NHS only offers this vaccine if you are in a vulnerable group or at risk.

We can offer chickenpox vaccine to those at risk and anyone who wishes to be vaccinated.

We advise that you do not have the vaccine if you are breastfeeding, have low immunity or have suffered an allergic reaction when vaccinated previously.

The vaccine is given into the upper arm.

This vaccine is not suitable for children aged under one year.

We offer the vaccine 6 days per week, have ample parking and excellent patient reviews.

You can book by calling 0121 704 2669 or book online.