Chickenpox Vaccination

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Chickenpox Vaccine

MUMS GPs offer Chicken Pox Vaccine to Adults in a Vaccination Appointment which costs £25.00 + the cost of the Vaccination = £65.00

Total Cost for Adult Vaccine £90.00

MUMS Consultant Paediatrician offers Chicken Pox Vaccine to Children in a Vaccination Apppointment which costs £50.00 + the cost of the Vaccination = £65.00

Total Cost for Child Vaccine £115.00

Two doses are required for both adults and children.

The vaccine is given as two separate injections, usually into the upper arm, four to eight weeks apart. One dose of the vaccine may be administered after a first dose of another Varicella containing vaccine. Pregnant women should not have this vaccine.

This can be administered from one year of age through to adults.

One dose of the Chickenpox vaccine may be administered after the first dose of another varicella-containing vaccine.

Chickenpox is not a serious illness but it can be very uncomfortable for children as the symptoms are similar to flu-with a very itchy rash. Children only usually get the illness once and immunisation is not routinely available on the NHS. If you are concerned that your child (or yourself) are at risk of catching a serious illness as a result of chickenpox then speak to MUMS GPs regarding Vaccination.

Chickenpox (known as Varicella) is caused by a virus called the Varicella Zoster virus. It spreads quickly through the coughs and sneezes of someone who is infected. If you are in close contact with somebody with a weakened immune system, the vaccine reduces the chance of infection.


Chickenpox Adult Vaccine Appointment £90.00
Chickenpox Child Vaccine Appointment £115.00