Private Birth Options

Induction of

Evidence shows that after 37 weeks the outcome for delivery (vaginal or emergency c section) is the same as being induced or waiting for labour naturally.

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A Caesarean section is where a baby is delivered though a cut on the lower part of a woman’s abdomen. This now accounts for 25% of all births within the UK.

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About the team

Mike Wyldes is a specialist Obstetrician & Gynaecologist working both within the NHS and private medical practice. MUMS have its own midwives who help us with the antenatal care. During the delivery process we use the NHS facilities at Birmingham Heartlands NHS Hospital with the support of the hospital midwifery staff. Our presence during labour is complimented with the Hospital midwives so you always have someone directly at hand. We do like to deliver the baby ourselves which makes the service something very special.

What are the advantages of using MUMS?

The vast majority of the time the NHS provides good care during pregnancy and delivery. However, sometimes the care cannot fully facilitate or meet your requirements. These requirements may be to have a Consultant you know and trust delivering your baby or facilitating your chosen form of delivery. We can look after all of your antenatal care including all ultrasound scanning and any invasive procedures and screening required. You will have full 24-hour access, 7 days a week to Mike to discuss concerns or worries no matter how small they may appear. Your appointments can be tailored to suit your schedule as much as possible.

What happens if Mike is away from the hospital or MUMS?

If I am busy or away from the Hospital I can always be contacted through the Practice during office hours. If you are having full private care you will have access to my mobile number for out-of- hours emergencies.

What is the cost?

The costs for private medical care are included under ’fees’ second of our site. You remain fully entitled to the NHS elements of your care if you wish to availabel yourself of those, including blood tests, BP checks or other mainstream treatment such as Anti D for Rhesus negative women. If you wish to have this care with us at the Practice this can be arranged, but will be charged within our fee structure.

Once your baby is born the care of your baby is covered within the NHS, even in cases where there is a need for intensive or high dependency care. Similarly any major maternal events can be managed by transferring your care into the NHS system, as this will limit the cost for women who are self funding. Sadly, most UK health insurance policies do not cover the costs for myself or the hospital, and there is no recognition of the medico-legal costs of private obstetric practice, which represent the majority of the fees paid.

What is the accommodation at the hospital?

The vast majority of the time you will have your own room, some of the rooms have their own private bathroom facilities. However, if there is a very sick NHS patient requiring the room, their medical condition takes precedence over private patient status for the room. There are a total of 13 single rooms in the materntiy hospital, and so there is almost always a single room available as the length of stay for most women is 1 to 2 days. This may sometimes mean that you will spend a short time in a bay of 4 prior to being moved into your room. Once you are in your room it is almost unheard of to have to move you out.

How do I arrange an appointment?

If you wish to discuss private care, please contact the Practice on 0121 704 2669 or email ‘NO REFERRAL IS NECESSARY FROM YOUR GP’.

We can liaise with all your NHS providers to inform them of your choice etc if you so wish.


As a result of a previous miscarriage, I attended MUMS for a few scans during both of my following pregnancies. The staff were amazing and the whole experience really helped put both mine and my husband's minds at rest. I would certainly recommend to anyone.

JN 29/09/15

Remember having my scans with you many years ago, was always a great experience. It was excellent, so much so that my hubby wrote an article for the Worcester News!

NPR 05/04/16

They helped and supported me with all my pregnancies. 3 that sadly ended in miscarriage and 2 successful. I’ll always be eternally grateful for their support and compassion 🙂

ND 20/07/15
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