Nasal Cautery

Performed by an experienced ENT Consultant

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Nasal Cautery £250

Nasal Cautery at MUMS

At MUMS our Ear, Nose and Throat Consultants (ENT Consultant) Miss Emma Hoskison and Mr Basavaiah Natesh perform Nasal Cautery.

Nasal cautery is often referred to as nose cauterisation or nasal cauterisation.

We offer the nasal cautery procedure on Mondays and Wednesdays. You can call 0121 704 2669 to book. There are no waiting times. We have ample parking.

The cost of nose cauterisation is £250.00 which includes the consultation and the nasal cauterisation. We take a £100.00 deposit for this appointment. If it is decided during the appointment that Nasal Cautery is not appropriate you will pay no further fees. 

Nasal cautery may be recommended to stop or prevent nosebleeds. If an anteriorly located blood vessel can be identified on the nasal septum this can be performed.

Nasal Cautery is a simple procedure that is performed with local anaesthesia at MUMS.

Our ENT Specialist applies a silver nitrate stick to the bleed point for up to 10 seconds. This seals the blood vessel. This is nasal cauterisation.

Nasal cautery can cause itching and pain for a few days. Avoid touching or scratching the inside of your nose. Also, try your best not to have any accidents after nose cauterisation such as a bump.

Our ENT surgeons will give you an advice leaflet following nose cauterisation.

We offer a wide range of ear, nose and throat services for adults and children.

You do not need to de-register from your GP Practice to have nasal cautery at MUMS.

We always offer a chaperone assistant to help the surgeon who will perform your nose cautery.

Nasal cauterisation is often difficult to assess in the NHS and therefore opting for a private nasal cautery procedure is common.

It is very important you choose a highly skilled ear, nose and throat consultation as the nose has many tiny blood vessels. These nasal blood vessels can damage easily. Aftercare is important following nasal cautery. Our consultants will pack your nostrils following cauterisation to prevent bleeding.

At MUMS we are extremely proud of our ear, nose, and throat consultants – they offer ear microsuction, tongue tie, comprehensive consultations and nasal cautery.

Soon we will be offering nasal endoscope.

We use only the finest high tech nasal cautery equipment.

Nasal cauterisation is performed whilst you are sat upright, or our ENT surgeons may recline you or even ask you to lie down. Nasal cautery is not commenced until the numbing is complete. Our surgeons will minimise discomfort for you.

Quite often, following nasal cautery, our surgeons may apply antibiotic ointment or pack the nose.

Patients who have had nasal cautery at MUMS (adults and children) report that the procedure was well tolerated. Our surgeons are experienced in performing nose cautery and so choosing MUMS – means nasal cautery is minor and risk free.

Sometimes – nasal cauterisation may need to be repeated. It is a relatively short procedure and often very effective. Nasal cautery certainly prevents recurring nose bleeds. Recovery is rapid.

Patients who have accessed MUMS Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeons provide great reviews about their experience – we have been providing private healthcare in Solihull for two decades.

Accessing private ear, nose and throat services is welcomed by those who are frustrated by lengthy NHS waits.