Lp-PLA2 (PLAC test)


Lp-PLA2 (PLAC test) with Health Care Assistant £140
Lp-PLA2 (PLAC test) with GP Consultation £215
Lp-PLA2 (PLAC test) with Consultant  £345

The Lp-PLA2 level in the blood is determined by this test, also known as the PLAC test, which evaluates lipoprotein-associated phospholipase (Lp-PLA2).

This examination reveals whether your arteries have too much plaque build-up.

If you smoke, have ever smoked, or have a history of having high cholesterol, your MUMS GPs and Consultant Cardiologist may advise you to get this test. This test might be right for you if you have a family history of cardiovascular disease.

If the test result shows that you are at risk from CVD then our clinicians will recommend you consult with our Consultant Cardiologist – Mr Jerome Ment – in which to manage your diet, lifestyle to minimise the risk.

MUMS offers this blood test which costs £115.00. You can choose to have this blood test with our HCA in a £25.00 Phlebotomy appointment or within a GP Consultation which costs £100.00.

Alternatively – you may wish to consult with our Consultant Cardiologist – Mr Jerome Ment.

We also offer this as part of our healthy heart screen.

The turnaround time for results with a PLAC test is two days.

If you choose a phlebotomy appointment as opposed to a GP Appointment or Consultant Appointment, then you will need a payable face to face or remote consultation to have the results explained to you.

There are no waiting times at MUMS. We have ample parking. You can book an appointment by calling 0121 704 2669 or you