24 Hour ECG & Analysis

See a Consultant Cardiologist in a relaxed setting


Cardiology Consultation & 24 Hour ECG & Analysis £230 + £350

MUMS Consultant Cardiologist – Mr Jerome Ment – offers 24 Hour ECG and Analysis

Whilst many modern wearable devices can measure heart rate , this does not allow us to adequately identify important heart rhythm abnormalities. Only contemporaneous ECG monitoring enables us to identify the various heart rhythm abnormalities to enable specific therapy. 24 hour ECG monitoring is a small wearable device that allows you to continue as normal with your everyday activity whilst undergoing continuous ECG monitoring. This allows for accurate assessment and can pick up early warning of heart rhythm abnormalities even before symptoms are experienced.

You will need a consultation with Mr Ment at MUMS – who will examine you, take a history, fit the 24 hour ECG and remotely analyse and review your readings. The cost of a consultation with Mr Ment is £230.00. If a 24 Hour ECG Device is fitted the cost of fit/readings review is £350.00

You will need a follow up consultation which costs £150.00.

You do not need a referral from your NHS GP.

There are no waiting times at MUMS to see Mr Ment.

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