4D Scan (24 – 32 weeks)

Our group practice has been using the cutting edge technology 4D ultrasound scanning since 2003. This form of ultrasound has revolutionised the way in which we can all view the developing baby. Parents find 4d scanning very reassuring that baby is developing normally. The service DOESN’T include a detailed medical diagnostic and screening service for the pregnancy but DOES include a growth scan. However, we do check the baby to the best of our ability at this stage but due to rising indemnity insurance costs we cannot now cover our companies activity for the anatomical check up. So this service has to be considered more of a viewing of baby in a different form of ultrasound scanning. Normal ultrasound images are composed of black and white moving pictures. 4d ultrasound provides the depth of the scan to view the images as though they were in reality outside the womb.

When is the best time to view the baby?

The best time to view baby is between 26 and 32 weeks with about 28 weeks as the best viewing time.

What we provide

For £190 we provide a USB MUMS branded memory stick with the recording of your scan and all the images also a copy of the images printed. The total examination takes around 30 minutes. We do not routinely scan for longer than this as there is usually no need to and it is best to stay within considered safety margins. The scan is part of a medical examination to check baby for any growth problems including Doppler ultrasound. We do not record music over the scan.

What if the images are not very good?

If we cannot obtain the images we feel are of high enough standard on the day then you have two options. Firstly, we will arrange a repeat appointment for you free of charge or accepting a price reduction of £40 from the total fee of £190 ie the cost is then only £150 with no return visit. We have found that this is a sensible and fair method of fee for service with patients to date. Only on a few occasions out of nearly a thousand patients have we been unable to obtain some images which are considered to be of sufficiently high standard to be acceptable to all parties.

What makes the image a poor quality?

The age of the pregnancy, position of the baby or placenta and weight of the mother are the main contributing factors that produce a poor image quality. We do not routinely perform this scan for twins as the images are so hard to obtain. If you are concerned about any of the above factors please contact us for further discussion.

Other Questions

The use of this form of ultrasound is safe in pregnancy. You can bring up to 4 people with you at the time of the scan. You can cancel an appointment but if this is within 48 hours of the appointment we reserve the right to charge you £50 for the late cancellation.


What do I need to do in preparation for the scan?

Preparation:  Please can you try to drink at least an extra 2 litres of water or fluids in the 24 hours prior to the examination to improve the fluid level around the baby which will improve the 4d scan quality.  This should be drunk over the proceeding 24 hours (not all at once on the morning of the examination) as it takes time for the fluid around baby to change.  On the day of the scan, please ensure you have a drink before attending.

Handheld hospital notes:  Please bring these with you on the day.

Appointment length:  Your  appointment is booked for 30 minutes, if the baby is in a position where is it difficult to obtain images we will send you for a walk and then rescan you.  If we are still unable to obtain images, we will arrange a repeat appointment for you free of charge.


What’s included in your 4D Scan

Pregnancy Report:  A detailed report confirming scan findings and measurements

Photographs:  All scan images printed to take away on the day

USB Memory Stick:  Complete scan & images recorded onto a MUMS Branded USB stick for you to keep.

July 2014


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