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Urinary and Stress Incontinence

Revolutionary Non-Invasive Treatment

EMSELLA - Urinary and Stress Incontinence Treatment

MUMS offer Emsella Treatment for stress/urinary incontinence.

This is led by our Consultant Gynaecologist, Miss Poonam Pradhan. 

Over the years Poonam has seen women suffering in silence who have had very little help from gynaecologists. These include postnatal and postmenopausal women with some of the following symptoms:

  •  Mild vaginal looseness/laxity/prolapse.
  •  Mild urinary incontinence/frequency and urgency (desire to wee).
  •  Vaginal dryness giving rise to pain during sexual intercourse.
  •  Problems with sexual intercourse.

Unfortunately traditional prolapse repair has high recurrence rate for whom there seems to be little gynaecologists can do apart from repeat surgery.

MUMS non-surgical, non-invasive Emsella treatment for incontinence, stress incontinence, urinary incontinence is effective. It strengthens a weakened pelvic floor by sending electro-magnetic waves that cause contractions within the pelvic floor muscles.

This treatment that takes place – fully clothed – whilst sat on a chair is revolutionary. Consultants recommend this to avoid surgery.

Treatment cannot take place when you are menstruating.

We recommend 30 minute sessions twice a week for 3 weeks.

Treatments cost £100.00 each or £600.00 for a block of 6 sessions.

We offer a £235.00 consultation with our Gynaecologist – Miss Poonham Pradhan to discuss and try Emsella.


You can also call 0121 704 2669 for more information.