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General Surgeon Consultations

Mr David McArthur, Consultant General Surgeon & Colorectal Surgeon, is available to see patients at MUMS.

Specialises in:

  • Haemorrhoid treatment ( "piles" ) (David delivers the eXroid treatment at MUMS, please see below)
  • Hernia surgery
  • Bowel cancer
  • Bowel surgery, colostomy and ileostomy

MUMS patients can access Mr David McCarthur for:

  • Haemorrhoid treatment
  • Family history and symptoms of bowel cancer
  • Change in bowel habit
  • Bleeding
  • Weight loss
  • Anal warts, fissures, fistulas
  • Hernia
  • Lumps and bumps and mole removal
  • One stop mole assessment and mole removal service

Mr David McArthur has a specialist interest in minimally-invasive techniques for the management of colorectal and general surgical conditions, to treat hernias and all colorectal conditions (cancer and inflammatory bowel disease), and innovative techniques to treat haemorrhoids.

eXroid® Haemorrhoid Treatment

David is accredited as an eXroid Practitioner and runs monthly clinics to deliver this innovative technique to his patients. To find out more about this low risk and highly effective treatment, click the link below or call eXroid directly to book.

Find out more about the eXroid treatment available at MUMS

For any questions about eXroid, you can contact eXroid here.

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General Surgeon Consultation £225