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Private Antenatal Care

1 to 1 care for your pregnancy


Private Antenatal Care Package £5500

Private Antenatal Care Package

MUMS clinic (Midlands Ultrasound and Medical Services) has been providing private antenatal care to women for almost two decades.

Private antenatal care at MUMS is provided by Mr Anoop Rehal and his Midwife Lara and Coordinator Donna. Anoop is the lead consultant for labour ward at Good Hope Hospital. He is also the lead clinician for multiple pregnancy. His special interests include high-risk obstetrics, multiple pregnancy, and managing medical disorders in pregnancy.

We offer a full private antenatal care package which can be accessed on its own or in combination with the private delivery package.

Anoop and midwife Lara, together with Donna, will meet you at the start of your pregnancy and plan your pregnancy care, which will involve regular antenatal visits to the clinic, antenatal scans and blood tests.

What is the cost?

Private antenatal and postnatal care without private delivery costs £5500. 

We also offer one off Scan/Consultation/Bloods with our Consultant – Mr Anoop Rehal which cost £400.00 for those patients not wanting to purchase the package.

The full antenatal and postnatal package includes:

  • 6-8 weeks - viability (early pregnancy) scan/consultation
  • 10 weeks - routine booking bloods, MSU, risk assessment & NIPT
  • 11-13 weeks - first trimester detailed USS (nuchal if required) 
  • 15-16 weeks - reassurance scan / early anomaly 
  • 20-22 weeks - detailed anomaly and optional cervical length 
  • 28 weeks - growth scan, 4D Scan & dopplers, routine blood tests, Anti-D injection if rhesus negative, GTT if required
  • 32 weeks - growth scan & dopplers
  • 36 weeks - growth scan & dopplers and GBS swab if having a vaginal birth
  • 38 weeks - pre-birth review & plan if required / Pre-opp review
  • Postnatal consultation including USS
  • Emsella postnatal treatment