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Weight Loss Injections and Dietetics

Weight Loss Injections and Dietetics

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Assessment and Treatment Consultation (with GP) £100*
Assessment and Treatment Consultation (with Dietician) £150*
Counselling for Weight Management £75
Full package cost £230*

* Cost of injections not included

At MUMS we offer a holistic approach to weight loss.

MUMS Private GP – Dr Adeline Afong and Dr Nimah Bholah – are both qualified to manage your weight loss with weight loss injections that contain an active ingredient to help you lose weight. At MUMS we offer a holistic approach to weight loss.

An assessment and treatment consultation with our Private Female GPs, Adeline and Nimah costs £100 which includes the prescribing and dispensing of weight loss Injections which cost as follows:

  • 0.25mg - £200 per month
  • 0.5mg - £200 per month
  • 1mg - £200 per month
  • 1.7mg £250 per month
  • 2.4mg £350 per month

The injections are used to reduce BMI – Body Mass Index. Dr Adeline/Dr Nimah will check your BMI and discuss the various strengths and treatment pathway with you for optimum weight loss, monitoring, risks, and benefits and monitor your progress throughout.

You have the option of combining monthly monitoring and prescribing of injections with MUMS dietician input and counselling.

Consultations with MUMS dietician cost £150

Counselling for weight management costs £75

Full package cost per month £230.00 which includes:

  • Monthly GP Assessment and Dispensing of Injections – Costs of Injections extra
  • Monthly Dietician Consultation.
  • Monthly Counselling


Our holistic approach using weight loss injections, dietary advice and counselling is an effective combination for successful weight loss and permanent lifestyle changes to maintain your weight loss.

The weight loss injections supress the appetite and therefore regulate food intake, but it is important that you are regularly assessed for side effects and progress by a qualified GP and prescriber. Our bodies produce a hormone which regulates our appetite, and the injections mimic this hormone which means you will want to eat less and therefore lose weight.

At MUMS we strongly believe that a combination of  the following is key to successful permanent weight loss:

  • GP Management and Prescribing of Injections
  • Consultations with MUMS dietician
  • Counselling

Weight loss injections.

The injections are prescription only medications. We are aware that these can be obtained with online pharmacies, but we urge patients to consult with MUMS GPs as it is important that your individual treatment plan is supervised by a qualified doctor.

The injections are effective, and evidence based and furthermore, reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Maintaining weight loss is important and that is why we believe that our holistic approach at MUMS – is more beneficial and cost-effective long term – as opposed to “Yoyo Dieting”.   Obesity is known to cause many conditions including Diabetes and cardiovascular disease and even anxiety and depression. Other positive benefits include normalising blood sugar, blood pressure and inflammatory diseases.

MUMS effective weight loss programme led by Dr Adeline Afong and Dr Nimah Bholah consists of expert advice and monitoring with monthly reviews and measurements. This is a “Gold Standard” and recognised obesity management programme combining clinical expertise, counselling and diet and lifestyle advice.

How counselling benefits MUMS weight loss programme combined with injections.

At MUMS we don’t just supply weight-loss drugs then leave you to it like most online suppliers.

There will be a very valid reason why your weight crept on in the first place. We can help you to tackle your weight issues with a more thorough and holistic approach, by addressing your well-being both physically and mentally in tandem.

Food is the most common crutch that people reach for when dealing with difficult emotions. Then being over-weight leads to personal dissatisfaction and health issues.

Many people find, much to their surprise, that they don't feel as content as they thought they would after they have lost the weight, which leads to people giving up and putting the weight back on again.

Counselling will help you to look at your current situation, your childhood, and any traumas you might have experienced, so that you better understand yourself and your world.

By working out, then addressing, what made you turn to over-eating in the first place, will stop you from relapsing, or swapping food for an alternative crutch, such as alcohol or gambling.

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