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Private Clinical Hypnotherapy

See a clinical hypnotherapist in a relaxed setting

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Clinical Hypnotherapy Session  £75

Private Clinical Hypnotherapy

Mr Julian Amos, Clinical Hypnotherapist is MUMS popular Clinical Hypnotherapist – offering private hypnotherapy with great outcomes for adults and children – often in just one session. 

Julian is a popular Clinical Hypnotherapist (listed on the GH Register) with his own private practice in Henley in Arden who specialises in hypnotherapy with great outcomes for children (with parent/guardian) and adults– often in just one session for:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Fears and phobias
  • Panic attacks
  • Sports and personal performance

Clinical Hypnotherapy at MUMS costs £75.00 per session.

There is no need for a referral. Patients can self-refer. There are no waiting times.

Julian has worked in private practice for many years and is an accredited practitioner within the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council and a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register. His specialisms are within the alleviation of anxiety, stress, depression, panic attacks, fears and phobias, personal improvement, and performance anxiety within sports, performing arts, public speaking and self-confidence within the corporate sector.

Julian gives talks on hypnosis, clinical hypnotherapy, and the power of the mind, to clubs and groups throughout the UK.

Clinical hypnotherapy has been recognised by the medical profession for many years as an incredibly powerful therapy with fast acting results, especially when dealing with anxiety and stress, the combination of which often arrive with other presenting issues such as panic attacks and fears and phobias.

Anxiety is an emotional reaction to an imagined or real negative situation that you experience as being threatening. Stress is a condition which manifests itself when demands made up on us are greater than our mental resources will allow. In both cases, these are often the work of your imagination making the situation worse, creating a ‘forward’ memory, which once imagined in detail, especially if pictured within your mind, is absorbed by your subconscious, and believed to be reality. These two states usually present together, with an anxiety state creating stress and vice versa.

Your subconscious does not create these imagined negative issues, your conscious mind does. But your subconscious is unable to recognise the ‘images’ as simply imagined, and so they become a ‘pseudo reality’. When stress and anxiety take hold, it becomes hard to relax and sleep deprivation often takes hold.

Within clinical hypnotherapy we can instil deep relaxation, attaining a very pleasurable state known as the ‘alpha state’, most commonly known as a light hypnotic trance. The client enters this deeply relaxed experience and yet still has full control over the situation, feeling a similar sensation to the way it feels when you are just about to drop-off to sleep. You are never unconscious or in a position where you are unable to control what you say or do, and yet this state enables the clinical hypnotherapist to help you turn off the negative self-talk and imaginings and reprogramme your subconscious to change your way of thinking and reacting to a situation.

Fortunately, your subconscious works without rationalising what it is told. It cannot argue, just manifest whatever it is instructed to do. It simply obeys at a super-fast pace, but this means that these negatives can be turned into positives quickly with long-acting effects.

Other issues are dealt with in slightly different ways. For example, a negative memory of a past situation or trauma that has been carried through life, is re-examined and re-assessed under hypnosis, reframing the situation and removing the negative aspects that you’re carrying around.

Hypnotherapy can have instant, life changing effects. Between two and three sessions are often required, perhaps a week apart if possible, and after this you will have not only been released from the previously presenting issues, but learnt how to attain these life changing states for yourself and know the best ways to deal with all life has to throw at you from that point on.


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