Follicle Tracking Ultrasound Scan

To aid fertility treatment

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Follicle tracking

We offer follicle tracking scans at our consultant led clinic.

If you require a consultation with our Specialist Gynaecologist in addition to the scan – this will cost £230.00

A follicle is a fluid filled sac which contains the egg. A follicle tracking scan is performed from 6 to 9 days of your menstrual cycle to aid fertility treatment. Ultrasound technology is able to determine how many follicles there are and when egg extraction is best performed.

The shape, size and number of the antral follicles will be assessed and measured.

What does a follicle tracking scan include?

·       Our follicle tracking scan includes:

·       Detailed report and images

·       May involve a transvaginal/internal scan

·       30 minute appointment


What is the purpose of a follicle tracking scan?

The purpose of a follicle tracking scan is to accurately predict when you may expect ovulation which will help increase the chance of the egg becoming fertilised.

A transvaginal/internal scan may be necessary during this scan in order to gain a clearer view. If you require a female sonographer or a consultant, please speak to one of our advisors at the time of your booking.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • A fertility scan is available to women who are about to undergo fertility or IVF treatment, either in the UK or abroad. The scan will take a detailed look at your uterus, endometrium, ovaries and pelvic area in preparation for your impending treatment.

  • Your consultant or clinic will let you know the optimum time to have the scan.

  • Your scan will carried out with one of our highly trained specialist sonographers or consultant.

  • Your appointment will last approximately 30 minutes.

  • This is a transvaginal ultrasound scan • You will need to have an empty bladder for this scan. • You will lie on the examination couch. A hygienic privacy sheet will be given to cover yourself, as you will need to remove your lower garments (including underwear). • A small ultrasound probe is used for the examination, which will be covered with a protective probe cover. A small amount of lubricating gel will be placed on the tip of the probe before being inserted into the vagina. • The probe will only be inserted into the vagina for a couple of inches and will be moved in different positions so that the clinician can obtain the images needed. *A chaperone can be present if required.

  • The examination itself shouldn’t cause any pain, but you may feel some pressure or discomfort. The procedure is usually well tolerated and completed within 10 minutes.

  • You will be given a report with your scan findings and images immediately after your scan.

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Follicle tracking £110