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Cryotherapy Treatment for Genital Warts and Anal Warts

Sexual Health Treatment at MUMS Solihull


Initial Assessment of Genital Warts and Warts £150
Cryotherapy Treatment for 1-3 Genital Warts or Anal Warts £120
Cryotherapy Treatment for 4-6 Genital Warts or Anal Warts £175
Cryotherapy Treatment for 7-9 Genital Warts or Anal Warts £225

Assessment and Cryotherapy Treatment for Genital Warts and Anal Warts

MUMS Sexual Health Consultant – Miss Hannah Church,  sees and treats genital warts and anal warts on men and women with cryotherapy.

The initial assessment for cryotherapy to genital and anal warts costs £150.00 where a history and examination takes place, and the genital warts are assessed in terms of size, location, appearance, and number.

This initial assessment can involve the first treatment. Cryotherapy to genital warts is performed at repeated visits until the genital warts have disappeared.

The cost per treatment is as follows:

  • 1-3 Genital warts treated with cryotherapy £120.00
  • 4-6 Genital warts treated with cryotherapy £175.00
  • 7-9 Genital warts treated with cryotherapy £225.00

Cryotherapy is a common and successful method of removing genital warts. Basically – the cryotherapy freezes the wart with liquid nitrogen which kills the blood supply so that the wart falls off. You may have tried over the counter products which have not worked because it is unable to reach a temperature as cold as the cryotherapy.

Dr Hannah Church, Consultant in Sexual Health, and HIV Medicine – sees and treats patients at MUMS and performs cryotherapy to genital and anal warts Monday to Friday at 5pm and Saturday morning.  

There are many dependent factors which affect the success rate of cryotherapy for genital and anal warts. For example, the number of genital warts present, the size of the warts, how long you have had them and any gaps in treatment.

MUMS cryotherapy has been tried and tested and many patients tend to have between 3-6 treatments. Cryotherapy can cause soreness for a day. The procedure itself can cause a stinging sensation – dependent upon the amount of cryotherapy applied. We offer a numbing cream before the procedure. Cryotherapy is safe for pregnant women.

Genital and anal warts are harmless. They are not painful. However, they cause anxiety and stress, as they are unsightly. HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) causes genital and anal warts. MUMS offer the HPV Vaccination, but vaccination is ideally required prior to sexual activity.  MUMS also test for HPV virus when performing cervical cancer smears on women.  The HPV virus is a common STI.

Genital and anal warts can multiply and spread and are passed through sexual activity, sex toy sharing and skin to skin contact. They are very contagious. Genital and anal warts can be removed privately using cryotherapy – around the penis and vagina – genital area. MUMS also offer a wide range of Sexually Transmitted Disease tests.

If you are having problems with your sexual health or just want some peace of mind, then Dr Church can assess and diagnose your condition as well as advising you on the best possible treatments. You do not require a GP referral and we can often offer you a same day appointment.

The service is completely confidential, and Dr Church is an expert - to help you understand and manage your problems with short and long-term treatments that best suit your needs.

You can book online or call our friendly team on 0121 704 2669. Pricing is affordable – in our CQC Registered – state of the art clinic – in Solihull. We have ample parking.

We are proud of our patient testimonials, our service user’s satisfaction rates – we aim to please.