Pelvic Organ Prolapse

A prolapse can be common postnatally or also in the postmenopausal period.  Heaviness, ‘dragging’ sensation, increase in urinary urgency or frequency, stress or urge urinary incontinence, difficulty emptying your bladder and/or bowel – just a few of the symptoms that could arise from a pelvic organ prolapse (POP). Seeing a Physio at MUMS can prevent worsening and often improve prolapse symptoms.  Your pelvic health physiotherapist can also lead you to a return to higher level exercise when it is safe to do so.

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Now available at MUMS Vaginal Rejuvenation

Consultant Gynaecologist, Poonam Pradhan is now able to offer vaginal rejuvenation (ThermiVa Care) treatments for: Mild vaginal/looseness/laxity/prolapse, Mild/moderate urinary incontinence and urgency, Vaginal dryness, Painful sexual intercourse. To book an appointment please contact MUMS on 0121 704 2669 or through our website.

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