New – Reassurance Scan 14-18 weeks

Most mums to be will not feel movements until around 18-20 weeks and at MUMS we offer a reassurance scan at 14-18 weeks to cover this time until movements are felt.

The scan will measure your baby, show you the heartbeat and we will record the scan on a USB memory stick.  The scan is usually performed abdominally but if you are worried about premature labour the cervix can be measured with a trans-vaginal scan from 16 weeks of pregnancy, at an additional cost.



Reassurance Scan Fee:  £100

What’s included :

Appointment time:  Approximately 10-15 minutes

Scan:  Trans-abdominal Ultrasound Scan and/or Trans-Vaginal Ultrasound Scan

Immediate Results:  A detailed report confirming all the scan findings and measurements will be produced

USB Memory Stick:  Complete scan & images recorded onto a MUMS Branded USB stick for you to keep.

Folder:  Suitable for storing maternity records and information leaflets.

How do I book an Reassurance Scan?

MUMS is a private pregnancy and scanning clinic, you can self-refer and arrange an appointment at your convenience.

To book a pregnancy ultrasound scan please telephone us on:  0121 704 2669 or fill out our online enquiry form or email us at

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