Covid-19 Post-Vaccine Antibody Test

Confirm your antbody levels following a Covid-19 vaccination

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Covid-19 Post-Vaccine Antibody Levels

This test determines the level of antibodies in the blood stream against Covid. This blood test enables both the presence and level of antibodies to the COVID virus. Not only can it signal whether a patient has already been infected but shows whether there has been a developed immunity to the virus.

For MUMS patients – this test plays an important part in characterising a vaccine-induced response.

Measuring these antibody levels – plays a role in establishing vaccine efficacy and vaccine induced immune response.

This test is performed by MUMS GPs and clinicians – results are back in 24 hours. There are no additional costs for consultations.

Patients are welcome to have a baseline test to establish current antibody levels prior to vaccination ( especially if they think they may have had Covid in the past ) and repeat the test following vaccination to measure antibody levels post vaccination.

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Covid-19 Post-Vaccine Antibody Levels £80