Intralipid Infusions


We can administer intralipid Infusions at MUMS on the recommendation of your clinic and you must supply your own intralipids.

What is intralipid Infusion therapy?

Intralipid infusion therapy is a sterile fat emulsion containing soy oil, chicken egg yolk, glycerine and water.  It supplies your body with essential fatty acids that cannot be made by the body but are required for many biological functions, including reproduction. The infusion is in liquid form and administered intravenously by a drip into your arm.  It is a non invasive procedure carried out as part of a treatment cycle.

Who may benefit from intralipid therapy?

Intralipid infusions can help women who have had implantation failure or early miscarriage/s.  Treatment is available for women as part of a treatment cycle or women having treatment overseas.

How are the infusions carried out?

The intralipid infusion therapy is carried out by the Consultant at MUMS.  The infusion will take between 10 and 60 minutes during which time you will be seated comfortably and in a private room.  You may eat and drink normally whilst the infusion is taking place and a team member will monitor you throughout the appointment.

Are there any noticeable effects of the infusion?

There are no serious adverse effects with the infusion although some patients may experience a headache, nausea or flu-like symptoms.  The infusion is not given to anyone with a known allergy to soy oil, eggs, peanut, peanut based products or any active ingredients in the infusion.


Costs of each intralipid infusion at MUMS :  £200

July 2014



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