eXroid Haemorrhoid Treatment

eXroid treatment available at MUMS

Haemorrhoid treatments from eXroid

Say goodbye to piles, quickly and easily.

Over 90% of our patients report a return to their normal activities on the same day.

eXroid takes a personal approach to your haemorrhoid treatment and our expert advisors can help you get the best advice and help you need, so you can be free from piles sooner than you thought.

The eXroid® treatment is suitable for all 4 grades of haemorrhoids, so even if your GP can’t refer you for NHS treatment, you can be treated by eXroid without the need to wait until things get worse.

We offer the lowest risk and effective treatment for haemorrhoids in the UK. Many of our patients report minimal or no discomfort during and after the procedure and there is no need for anaesthetic, cutting, heat or stitching, meaning no time off work. Appointments (including diagnosis & treatment) can take less than an hour, so you can fit your appointment conveniently around your life and in one of our nationwide clinic locations.

How does it work?

The eXroid procedure uses electrotherapy, which has been clinically researched for over 150 years.

It is non-surgical and is carried out in a clinic by a GMC registered consultant. There is no cutting, stitching or heat applied. The low electrical current stimulates a chemical reaction, which seals off the feeding blood vessels, resulting in the haemorrhoid being starved of its blood supply and it shrinks accordingly, with associated symptom reduction.

The effect continues to work to close the vessels for up to 4 weeks. Our aftercare team will be in touch at this point to hear your progress, review your doctor notes and talk to you about the need for any further treatment.


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Book directly with eXroid

Booking is quick and easy – you can either book online by clicking through to the eXroid website or call the patient services team on 0800 999 3777

Understanding your symptoms

Experiencing the symptoms of piles can be scary at times and it can be hard to know when it might be time to seek help and do something more about it.

We have introduced a quick on-line questionnaire for you to understand the severity of your symptoms and what to do next.

It takes less than a minute to complete and you will receive your personal score, an assessment tool to take to your GP and tailored advice by email.