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Ganglion Cyst Consultation Assessment £150
Aspiration of Ganglion Cyst £175
Removal of Ganglion Cyst £400

Ganglion Cyst Assessment and Aspiration at MUMS Clinic

Dr Sri offers ganglion cyst aspiration and ganglion cyst removal on Fridays at MUMS Solihull. Dr Sri is a private GP with an extended role and qualification in minor surgery.

Ganglions are cysts containing a jelly like substance which although harmless, sticks out as a swollen lump. Ganglions can be painful, vary in size and feel smooth.

Dr Sri can assess all ganglions, and most often – can aspirate these but can also remove some ganglions by cutting and excising them – especially if they are not too near a joint. Ganglions are often found near or on the wrist or the ankle. Sometimes – aspirated ganglions can recur and so surgical removal by cutting is advised.

Assessment of a ganglion with Dr Sri costs £150.00

Excision of a ganglion with Dr Sri costs £400.00

Aspiration of a ganglion with Dr Sri costs £175.00

Ganglion excision/removal can be performed under local anaesthetic at MUMS following local numbing. The procedure takes approximately 30-40 minutes and suture closure is made following removal. A dressing is applied and follow up free of charge appointment is made for you.

The risks and complications are explained to you before the procedure, consent is obtained, and an aftercare leaflet is provided.

Ganglions can sometimes recur even after surgical excision and aspiration.

It is difficult to obtain removal with the NHS as ganglions are seen as procedures of limited clinical value – but they can take years to disappear.

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