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Breast Reassurance Clinic

This breast reassurance clinic is for women aged 40 and under with breast symptoms or concerns regarding their breast health.   In this group of women it is much more likely that any breast symptoms are benign and following expert assessment may be managed primarily with reassurance.  You will be seen by an expert Consultant Breast surgeon (Mr Seni Mylvaganam) who will undertake a history of the concerns and then perform a breast and armpit examination to complete the clinical assessment.  Based on this Mr Mylvaganam will discuss with you any further assessments that may be required, which could include a breast ultrasound.  If an ultrasound identifies an area of uncertainty it is likely a core biopsy would be recommended to confirm any diagnosis.

The breast reassurance clinic is a one stop shop where you see the consultant and the radiologist who performs the ultrasound.

Ultrasound scan of your breast
An ultrasound scan uses sound waves to give a picture of breast tissue. Ultrasound Gel will be applied to your skin and a probe is passed over your breast to produce a picture on a screen. This is the same technique used during pregnancy to look at a baby in the womb.

Core Biopsy
Occasionally some women need to have a core biopsy. A core biopsy involves a large needle being passed into your breast to take a sample of tissue, rather than just cells. You will be given a local anaesthetic injection to the numb the area before the biopsy is done.

What are the benefits of breast ultrasound?
The benefit is that they can help your doctor to diagnose any breast problems with ultrasound which is non-invasive and painless. Results are immediate.

What are the risks of the tests?
There is a very low risk of complications with any of these tests, but the biopsy or FNA may cause a little bruising.

Are there any alternative breast cancer tests?
There are no alternative tests that will give your doctor the information they need.

What are the risks of not having the tests?
If your doctor thinks the tests would be beneficial, and you choose not to have them, it might not be possible to give you a diagnosis.

After the tests
You will be able to go back to your normal daily activities after your appointment.
If you have had a core biopsy you may have some discomfort in the area the biopsy was taken from; this can be relieved with painkillers such as paracetamol. There may also be some bruising to the area but this settles quickly.

How do I get the results of the tests?
If you require an ultrasound only then you will get your scan undertaken by a consultant radiologist and the result given at the clinic by Mr Mylvaganam so you will not need to come back again and will be discharged from the clinic.
Some women may need to come back to another clinic if they have a biopsy taken to get the results of the biopsy from Mr Mylvaganam.